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Science Experiments For Kids | Anemometer

Anemometer is a simple science project for kids or students who are interested in science experiments which can be done at home are classroom or any were.

How to make Anemometer is best for kids.

Anemometer helps us to calculate wind speed.

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How to make an anemometer (wind speed meter)

This video shows you how to build a simple anemometer (wind speed meter) using paper cups, straws, and a pushpin. This fun activity makes a great science fair project or classroom lesson plan. To see written instructions for the science fair project, visit "How Does a Wind Meter Work?": To see written instructions for the lesson plan, visit the "Make an Anemometer to Measure Wind Speed" page at Science Buddies:

Science Buddies also hosts a library of over 1,100 other free science fair project ideas, lesson plans, and fun activities for K-12 students, parents, and teachers, in a wide variety of topic areas from Astronomy to Zoology! Visit us at to see more fun hands-on science and engineering projects.

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How are wind speeds measured?

Meteorologist Grant Gilmore explains how anemometers measure wind speeds.
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