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What is ACL Surgery?

The ACL, or Anterior Cruciate Ligament, is one of several ligaments that stabilize your knee. If you've injured or completely torn your ACL, you may experience your knee "giving out" when you need to quickly change direction.

At Children's Hospital Colorado, our orthopedic surgeons and Sports Medicine Team specialize in treating ACL injuries in children, teens and adults; they can offer several options to reconstruct your ACL. We also help guide young athletes through their post-surgery rehab to get them back up to speed. With time and patience, you can recover from your ACL injury and get back to the sports and activities that you love.

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Bhagyashree Pednekar : What is the graft made of, I mean is it artificial or created with the same persons' tissue? Please assist :(
carolina cisneros : 7 years since my acl surgery. My knee never fully recovered to were I was as an athlete. I still run and lift weights but every exercise activity has to be modified in order for me not to push my knee too hard. Remember to strengthen the muscles around the knee and incorporate rehabilitation exercises to assist in knee pain that could arise. Every now and then when I do decide to push my operated knee too hard it swells up and feels weak to were I need to take a 2-3 rest day and then I am good to resume my exercises. I am currently 24 but I do suspect I have developed some sort of arthritis in that knee as I have fluid buildup and can especially feel it when I bend the knee. Also take care of your knee in the cold as per my experience it will hurt or have a ringing feel to it and can even lock up to were you might need to sit down and slowly twist it around for it to have a pop feel to it. Hope this helps someone!
AndmanGirl Supriya :
Luca Rutigliano : I had an acl and meniscus injury while i was playing a football match 2 years ago, 10 months of forced stop. Terrible experience
Malia Diawara : I tore my ACL all the way through like what the video just showed,tore my meniscus, and fractured my tibia.Not the best situation at all.And plus my 16th birthday is about to come up in June.A milestone birthday so this is not fun for me. Keep your head up for anyone going through this⚡️☮️❤️❣️

ACL Surgery - 3D Reconstruction

3D ACL Surgery animation created by Immersion Media. Find out the reconstruction techniques used to repair the torn ligament. Find us at
A M : Medical science is an absolute WONDER. This is SO cool and so amazing, and I genuinely hope it gives new hope to people who need this kind of repair done to a damaged ACL. I had heard that we could fix these ACL tears now, but I didn't know they actually learned how to make your body grow a NEW one. That's WILD! I'm literally mind blown. Good luck to anyone suffering with this, looks like you're in good hands!
Bruce G : incredible
Mark Velasquez : Came here because of Jamal Murray.
Youtube Watcher : Peayers up for Jamal Murray
DALUBHASA TV : Watching this after Jamal murray torn his acl

Knee Surgery | Torn ACL | Nucleus Health

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This video, created by Nucleus Medical Media, shows a knee surgery ACL repair. The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, is one of the four main ligaments connecting the femur to the tibia. The ACL provides stability as you move your knee. f your ACL tears through completely, your doctor may recommend surgery to repair it.
#KneeArthroscopy #AnteriorCruciateLigamentSurgery #KneeSurgery
Arantxa Jimenez : I torn my ACL 4 days ago. My worst nightmare. I’m scared of the surgery and not been able to play flag football again :(
Skowl : I have a torn ACL, and a pulled MCL from rugby so I am going to have to go through this surgery.
Durk Moneyswaggfly : I remember this because it’s all my ACL MCL And on meniscus to my left knee and they did the same thing
Scuola Italiana Skateboard . Francesco Ugolini : this method is the Kennet Jonson practiced on me about 40 years ago, the difference is that now they do not open the knee but do it in arthroscopy.
Simon Phoenix : what on earth did they do before such surgery was available? Did people just lose function of their legs from a torn tendon? It is pretty incredible how medicine has advanced to the point where they can create a whole new tendon for you. and does the old tendon the graft was taken from recover completely?




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