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How to make a USB OTG Cable for Android, DIY guide.
From USB Type-A Female to Micro USB male type Micro-B.

Heat shrink *

Make this cable from new connectors and wires or even better, you can reuse an old USB cable to make this.

Be careful with the USB pin-outs, make sure you get it right and not reversed. It's easy to be confused with USB connectors.

If you make it, write a comment saying how you use your OTG cable.

A few uses for an OTG cable on Android phones and Android tablets.

Connect a mouse to a tablet,
Connect a physical keyboard to your tablet, if you type a lot, this is really useful.
Most popular, connect a USB flash drive to access files on a phone or tablet.

One of the main reasons I was not seeing a tablet as a laptop replacement was being unable to quickly plug-in a USB flash storage drive. Now this works great.

To connect an external portable hard drive this won't work because the HDD needs more power.
To see a cable that works with a portable HDD, subscribe and see that video also soon!

Lots of uses for an OTG cable!

Any questions?
Feel free to ask in the comments section bellow.

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Liz Yaj : I like your style buddy.
Jhanrel De Pedro : Finally!!
Thanks man!
MikeV. Gaming : So what I would like to build is a way to have my android phone plugged into a keyboard and mouse as well as charge if possible. Is there a cord in exstiance like this or could you show me how to make one? Thank you so much btw Appreciate your time
Ali Ismail : هنا كيف يمكنني أن أوصل تفريعة ثانية للشحن
Aa_junior [TTAF] Audition : Please layout diagram

Top 20 Thing You Can Do with USB OTG Connector Cable

Checkout these cool things you can Do with your smartphones USB OTG Connector.

Let me know if you have more Idea.

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Cache! : Nice video bro keep up the good work
Anthony Starfield : What is it with nerds and their lousy videos with NO ONE TALKING!?

People who make videos on every other subject have the 2 grams of intelligence required to know they are supposed to explain what is happening in the video.

Techranium, you are absolutely clueless, and your taste in music is rubbish.
Steve McGavren : I couldn't agree more with Anthony. No talking, made worse with bad music, is laziness.
noahkb80 : Android Auto. Show me

USB OTG Cable Overview, Features and How To.

In this video, I will fully explain how to use a micro-usb otg cable for android smartphones and tablets and what the uses are for this cheap but fantastic little tool.

Basically, you can, using this otg cable, plug any USB device, like a flash drive or a keyboard, to your android phone or tablet ... watch the video for full details and demonstration.

You can a micro-USB OTG Cable here:
derrickgates42 : Just got my otg cable cable in the mail today I also have the HTC one ...unfortunately the HTC one doesn't yet support the ps3 controller which was a big bummer...great video btw
parrottech1 : Wonderful video! This works on my Samsung Galaxy S4, but it doesn't on my 2012 Nexus 7. Any tips?
Clifton Royal III : Cool
phantomcruizer : What if your phone does not recognize the cable/flash drive?
Calvin B : can this work with an external hard drive?




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