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honestech VHStoDVD 8.0 Deluxe

For more info, visit http://www.honestech.com/main/vhs-to-dvd-80-deluxe.asp

Videotapes can deteriorate over time. Your old videos will have color bleed, white specks, and other distortions. Don't risk this happening to your home video collection! VHS to DVD 8.0 Deluxe provides everything you need to easily convert your videos to digital formats. All you need is a VCR and a PC with a DVD burner and, with VHS to DVD's Easy Wizard Mode, you can transfer your video to DVD with one click.
Kristine Duarte : Well this is utter crap. I just bought this tonight from Home Depot, VHS to DVD 8.0 Deluxe and it doesn't work!!  Hell, 8.0 isn't even listed on your website in the Support area!

It just keeps giving me the error. "No Vidbox Capture Device Detected!".  But's it's right there.  The red light is on.  But nothing is working.

I even went to see if there were updated drivers or anything, but it's all for version 7.0.

I am so completely pissed right now!!
Robert Smith : Just music? Nobody not even a spokesperson to talk to you about this product? It's not how I would sell a product.
Honestech : Hello Wfad Jmaes,  The product records both video and audio.  For additional info, please check out the product page (http://www.honestech.com/main/vhs-to-dvd-80-deluxe.asp).
متصل : very nice product
Dj Dinho Banda Humorista Rádio da galera ems : legal de mais tempo de video k7


Quickly learn how easy it is to transfer VHS to DVD.

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We at SpenCertified are driven by the desire to make our customers happy. Our mission is “To Bring The Nostalgia Of Quality Customer Service And Quality Items To The World Online.” We do this by providing friendly, knowledgeable customer support via phone and online messaging. To maintain strict standards regarding the quality of an item, we have implemented the SpenCertification process. This means that no product leaves our store without being fully certified by Spencer. This process ensures that you will get the item you expected to receive or better if the situation requires.

We currently offer a wide variety of vintage audio video electronic components, which includes VCRs, CD Players, DVD Players, Blu-Ray Players, Cassette Decks, LaserDisc Players, Amplifiers, Speakers but also much more. Our goal is to become the best place in the world to buy vintage refurbished electronics. After we accomplish that, we plan on expanding into offering new items, but still only the highest quality items will ever leave our warehouse.

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Umair Ali : Hi guys i have a Alba Vhs and Dvd but no remote. Any advice
redsabreanakin : What about the tv hookup? You totally skipped that.. All tvs now have usb ports and nothing for patch cables to hook up the player!!!!!!! Video doesnt really help there!!!!
Jolene Haley : This link doesn't actually link to a panasonic converter...
Jeanette Hadden : HI, I'm trying to convert a 95 minute movie onto a dvd disc that holds 120 minutes. When my movie gets about to the 61 or 62 minute mark the dvd says its full. Can someone explain?
NMC 23 : Thank you

honestech VHS to DVD - VCR connections

How to connect your VCR for use with the Honestech VHS to DVD software.
Katrina Moutafis : My PC is running Windows 7 and does not appear to recogise the VID BOX. Tried loading the driver s/w again and get the error message: "Update WIN-2k to service pack 4". I suspect that VHS to DVD 4.0 may not be compatible with Windows 7 or have I done something wrong ?
CaptnMexico21 : I don't see the video being played on my computer, but I do hear the audio. Anyone have any idea what is wrong?
ph3462 : I have good video, but no audio.....what could be the problem?
Todd KD : Probably you bought a Honestech 7.0 piece of crap from Best Buy like I did,
Ming 2o2 : I have a honestech VHS to DVD - VCR kit.
It work good. I copied a VHS schoolboy pin video that i made using a VHS
camcorder.The video is really good quality.The video sitting on friend 2.
I recorded my two friends having sitting fun in park.




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