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My Samsung SSG-3500CR 3D Active Glasses (unboxing)

An unboxing of the Samsung SSG-3500CR 3D Glasses. You'll see a full overview of the 3D Active Glasses a good way to see them in action before you buy them.

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The video shows how to use them and/or if you need help understanding the 3D glasses also how to charge them (set up).

I recommend using, Griffin PowerBlock Dual Universal and charge from almost any 100 to 240 volt AC outlet. Plus, it has two USB ports to charge your 3D glasses.
Technical Specifications
Charge MP3 players and other USB devices, two at a time
5 watts of charging power through each USB port
Works with AC outlets from 100 to 240 volts
Charges MP3 players from iPod and Zune to players from Creative, Samsung, and most other devices that charge via USB
Smartphone compatible: works with iPhone, Motorola Droid, Palm Pre, most BlackBerry models and other smartphones that charge via USB
surftheworld2015 : why does it go back to flashing red?

Mikee Jones : nice video
zeyad gamal : does this come with the t.v

Diego : Yes it does
zeyad gamal : which is better these glasses or ssg 4100gb

Unboxing Samsung 3D Active Glasses and pairing them with a Sony 4K Ultra 3D TV

Thanks to the universal 3D signal now found in newer televisions, you can now cross pair glasses with televisions of different brands. This isn't being advertised in forum discussions on the web, so I decided to make this video to help those that may want to enjoy 3D content on their television, but are having trouble finding glasses specified for their particular brand. Credit to my 10 year old camera man. LOL Please excuse the image stabilization quality.
GodOfTehNewWorld : Got the same TV last Thursday and got my 3D glasses today. Working great. Did you ever figure out the Side by Side and Over - Under 3D option? If not, those features are for videos/movies you download on your computer. Movies that you download are Side by Side and that's what the 3D option are for. You can also look up 3D Side by Side videos on YouTube and change your tv 3D setting to Side by Side and that'll make the video 3D. Unfortunately this tv doesn't have stimulated 3D that converts regular 2D to 3D. My LG 3D 47" did that. Use to watch football in 3D with that option on the LG. Shame this tv doesn't do that.
Doc. FunkBlack : Do they work on any 3d Active Technology TV? Like Phillips?
Legger : hi i have the exact same tv as you mate but the glasses arnt pairing i just got the battery operated ones any tips? the glasses just keep flashing red and green then it go's off i have a 3d blu ray on the tv playing so it comes up with 3d signal detected do u think the glasses are broken?
Iamthehulk : hey guys im thinkimg about either getting a samsung 3d 4k or a sony 3d 4k but i dont know witch one .. and does the sony tv convert live tv to 3d and does samsung do it too ???
Wesam Dark : I have the same problem did you find any idea to fixing the problem??

how to cange battery on Samsung 3D Active glasses SSG-3550CR

This is where the 3.7 volt Lithium battery is located.......
Nicolas Torossian : Do you have an amazon or any shop links to buy this battery? thanks
Sandy Sandy :
Marco Silva :  @ygufty  nice. I just ordered some. Pretty easy to solder? Do u have to revive them when u buy them first or they usually good to go out of the box? Hoping this is what the issue is with my glasses. How often should u charge them to prevent this from happening again lol. Thanks man
Marco Silva :  @ygufty  is there any higher mah ones? I see the factory is 65mah . The link u provided is 100mah. Is there a bigger mah one that fits?
David Reece : I believe the replacement is this one or this one I am having the same issue with a pair of 2nd glasses which had dead batteries




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