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Best Electric Vehicle Stocks To Buy. COMPLETE EV Stock ANALYSIS

Best Electric Vehicle Stocks To Buy. COMPLETE EV Stock ANALYSIS. If I told you that you could 13x your investment with electric vehicles would you believe me? Well, in the last year Tesla is up 755% so that is over 7X, and NIO is up 1773% which is 17.7X.

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I know you might be thinking you already missed the EV opportunity but you haven’t.

Today I’m going to show you why I think the electric vehicle revolution is just getting started and I’ll quickly lay out the case for why I think this is a huge ground floor opportunity.

The stocks I reviewed today are Tesla, Nio, Workhorse, Kandi Technologies, Blink Charging, Acrimoto, Hyrecar, Nikola, Ayro, and Ideanomics.

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TSLA Stock Tesla, Inc.
WKHS Stock Workhorse Group Inc.
NIO Stock NIO Limited
KNDI Stock Kandi Technologies Group, Inc.
BLNK Stock Blink Charging Co.
FUV Stock Arcimoto, Inc.
HYRE Stock HyreCar Inc.
NKLA Stock Nikola Corporation
AYRO Stock Ayro, Inc.
IDEX Stock Ideanomics, Inc.
DRIV Stock Drive ETF
Jerry Romine Entrepreneur Abroad : 1. BEAST MODE SPREADSHEET & PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/jerryromine
2. JERRY's FREE STOCK TRADING TOOLS : https://www.jerryromine.com/free-tools
3. Your FREE WeBull STOCK IS WAITING FOR YOU: https://bit.ly/2SRHXOL. VALUE UP To $1600
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▶ OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE: ▶▶▶ https://teespring.com/stores/jerryromine ◀◀◀
Dandy Finance : WKHS had 650% gain just on the possibility of a contract! Thanks for sharing!
James Henrich : I own NIO & Tesla but would like to hear your thoughts on HYLN as I trust your process
James Henrich : How do you feel about HYLN ?
Damien Zamora : Jerry ! This video is awesome.. the elephant experience you had was so cool ! Nikki and i want to do this !! In honor of our daughter Sophia... thank you for sharing.. would love more deets if possible.. Cheers buddy!

GMC Hummer EV, 테슬라 사이버트럭에 경쟁이 될까?

제 개인 의견을 공유하는 채널입니다.
Tesla referral link : https://ts.la/young82399
타임그래퍼 : 엘론머스크 같은 사람도 12년전부터 그 고생을 해서 경우 그 정도 하는 건데 타기업이 따라잡기에는 너무 멀리 앞서 나가고 있지요. 특히 FSD.
shua Jo : BCZ 지원금
Justin Kang : H2에 기름 세금을 돌려주었다는 말은 루머 입니다.
Lovesinger Lee : 좋은정보 감사합니다.
Brian Kim : 나름 배수의진을 치고 기다리는거 같네요. 좋은 영상 감사합니다

Audi E-Tron Sportback: EV Road Review | Carfection 4K

The Audi E-Tron Sportback EV is a fully electric family SUV that looks good and comes equipped with a lot of toys. But is this the kind of car you should be buying. Drew Stearne has taken it out for a review drive to tell you just that.
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Carfection : Do you prefer the standard E-Tron or the E-Tron Sportback?
B. Tamland : The throttle 'delay' is on purpose. The drive torque is of course filtered to avoid uncormfortable spikes.
linkthegunner : Oh look another SUV!
Bob Van Dell II : What a bunch of bullshit. "You don't the future, you want the past! This is more like the past than a Tesla. Check out these futuristic side-view mirrors! Unlike a Tesla, they're unconventional and futuristic! Even though the Tesla has conventional side-view mirrors and you can have cameras, we like these better because... We don't like them... well actually, we're not sure. Oh, by the way, did we tell you it's slower to accelerate, slow down, and has a shorter range than a Tesla!? Well, at least it's the past. This is the future."
Mark Marshall : Brilliant review Drew. Also, electric mirrors add unnecessary complexity that will be prone to failure and probably expensive to repair or replace.




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